Thursday, August 26, 2010

Into the Sun

As soon as we left the caves, we were hit for a rush of hot, humid air. Which made my lens for my camera go all foggy and when we were talking back to the main area there was a river with many people relaxing by the riverside and enjoying the cool water, and I took this shot of this little girl, and the cloud effect was because of the fogged lens. But it actually turned out pretty neat, not a bad effect at all. 

Of course, I had to go join everyone. The little girl in me made me jump into the water and up the tiny waterfalls where my friend took a shot for me. My camera was slowly defogging but there is still a bit of a cloud around the photo. The green and the river all made me feel like I was back home in little ol' Pictou County. Made me feel a bit homesick, and nostalgic. Mostly the area only had the caves and some small shops with typical Japanese style food. But I wasn't too interested in eating fish on a stick, unless it was fish sticks, wasn't up to my appetite. Jumped back into the car and drove off back towards home, but as we were driving it started to rain, and then pour, and then it was like it was a waterfall of rain. A typhoon was hitting the coast and brought rain and thunder storms.

We stopped at a car stop when the rain was pouring too hard to see, and I got to try a delicious type of soft cream. Soba flavor. Soba is a type of Japanese wheat noodle. Once we finished our treat, we were back on the road, drive through the torrential rain and flashing lightning back to Yayoi's home where we were greeted to a BBQ. Since it was still raining, we were sitting in the car garage which was covered from the rain. Supper was finished and we were exhausted, being almost 2 day so of nearly no sleep, it was time to crash.

Scary Dragon Statue
Oh no! It's going to eat me!
Fish on a stick anyone?

Soba Soft Cream
BBQ time

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