Monday, September 13, 2010

Egypt & Turkey Part 1 - Let's Go!

Only two months ago did my friend Yuka and I decide that we were going to go to Egypt and Turkey. It was by chance we found a really amazing deal, at HIS; one of the most popular travel agencies in Japan; which included a 10 day tour package deal to Egypt and Turkey. In the deal it included 10 days, first starting in Egypt then to Turkey, travel half of turkey by bus, and back to Egypt for another day. Included was our hotels; which we high class hotels, meals included and all the museum trips and belly dance show. All we needed to bring was money for our own leisure.

Finally the day before the trip came. I had a long day of work, headed for a Mexican dinner with a few friends in Yotsuya and headed home at the last train, around 12. Once I got home I was greeted by the roommates who were having a few drinks and joined them with little resistant to their offering of alcohol. Finally around 1am we headed to the renown area for those who prefer the comfort of their own sex in Shinjuku, and spent the night dancing the night away with my party energetic roommates.

I get home to grab a shower and my suitcase and off to meet Yuka at Shinjuku station. Off we go. Taking the Yamanote line to Nippori we catch the Keisei Line to Narita airport and have a bit of time to spare, so we decide to grab breakfast at MacDonald's, before we head over to the HIS counter desk to check in. Turns out we had to fill in some forms, and go check in our luggage at the check in desk. We head over dragging our bags across to counter I. A, B, C.....G, H.....I? What? There in front of us was a line that went into to a circle around the huge check in counter. I guess everyone wanted to go to Egypt on this day and at the time all decided to check in. There was a lot of tours leaving the same day.

Actually the wait wasn't long, when you have a good friends and use your amusement to pass the time, it's great. We spent the time joking around and dancing. Finally we checked in, made it through security and off to our gate. Our flight was 11 hours long, and at first I thought my video set was not working, but they rebooted the TVs and it was working until the last hour where it froze.I watched three different movies. Bounty Hunter, Iron Man 2 (I do prefer the first one) and The Story of a Wimpy Kid. While the rest of the time was spent taking a few naps and playing some video games with Yuka. Technology is so great these days, you had so many opitions to keep you amused. TV, Movies, Music, Games etc....

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