Friday, September 3, 2010

Maple delights

Oh I love maple. I love it so much. It brings back great memories of maple dripping pancakes on a sunny saturday morning at my grandmas. Or crispy French toast with mom as we watch cartoons together as a kid. So this morning I was craving maple so bought maple flavored bread.

Mmmm. The first bite brings a rush of maple flavor and memories soaring into my mind. Delicious in both parts.

Last night I was up late packing. Haha last minute packing is always crazy. But think I packed most needed items. Just need to put my toothbrush and a few more items in my bag and finished. I'm probably out all night tonight and tomorrow meeting at 8am. So going to sleep the flight there. Well I hope ^^;

I've been busy lately. Started a new part time job and it's tiring. Being genki is tiring! But I need the money for when I do my traveling next year. Told my job I'm leaving end of march. So they are warned.

Last night after my part time job I met with Jo and Maiko and we went for a few "have a good trip" drinks. Omg it was hilarious. We talked about how we teach kids so our English becomes shorter and more simple when talking to people other than kids. Then I do and say "my english has gone down the train...." haha trying to say down the drain. Gah. I need to take an English course when I get back to Canada for sure! XD

We were hit on by some college students beside us and kept asking two questions. Where you from and how old are you. Awww at least they were trying. ^_^

Ok work starts. Later gators!

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