Monday, October 25, 2010

Baibai Jo!

Last month one of my close friends left Japan. I've been so sad since. We just met during this year and got really close. Like we were friends for ever, but Jo was living in Japan with her family and everyone headed back home. So last week a bunch of us from work had a farewell party for Jo, and it was a blast. We were in the izakaya I always go to. We were pretty rowdy so these neighboring college guys came over to ask why we were so rowdy, and we said it was a goodbye party for Jo. The guys then decided to sing her a song, and say Exile's "choo choo train" and actually did the line up of people and go around in circles in a chain. Omg hilarious! though we had the neighboring guy yell as us to be quiet, which was then apologize from the girl he was with.. But all in all it was a great night. Lots of laughter and fun. I got to meet up with Jo the morning before she left, at first I thought I wouldn't make it since she tried calling me in the morning on a payphone and I was on my way there on the train, she was almost done what she had to do at the bank and would be leaving soon. I was almost in tears thinking I wouldn't see her again, as soon as I got to the station I dashed to the exit I knew she would be at and luckily I just met her as she was leaving!!! Me, Atsuko, Jo and her dad went for coffee and we were able to see them off. I'm so glad, but I cried as I said goodbye. It's so sad to say goodbye. But I'm totally going to go to her place and we are going to meet up in France sometime! So it's not goodbye, just see you again!! :D

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