Monday, October 25, 2010

Be what you believe

What you feel, who you are is what you believe. Why do we keep letting people tell us who we should be, how we should be feeling. Because if I am happy at this moment, who is to disagree with it.
To each person we have our own level of happiness, of sadness, of hate of love.
Until we realize this we will keep trying to reach the unrealistic search of happiness. When we already have found it deep within. We just need to unravel it from the layers of unrealistic values and ideals pushed upon us from birth. Because it all starts at birth. Oh she looks just like mother. I just bet she'll be an ace in school. Though those pushes do help us become the best we can be and they do help you along in life. But you need to choose your own path, not let someone choose it for you. Those pushes get you down the path to your goal. But we have the choice of which paths we take to get to our goal. Some have the lucky opportunity to a straight road. While I may seem to have taken the road less traveled. To me, this is my path. I want to see and feel the different things in life.
Don't think I'm pushing my own thoughts on to you. I'm just saying my own thoughts. Cause in the end we can only choose the best for ourselves.

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