Monday, October 25, 2010

Decadance Helloween Party

Last weekend was a party night. After a long day of work, then off to my friends rock live, I dashed home to get changed, get decorated and makeup'd with my roommate before we were off to downtown Shinjuku. What a pair we made walking to the club. A prisoner and Alice. 
James has the deranged prisoner look down packed!
It was fun seeing the reactions from all the Japanese people.

I think half of the guys there were either dressed up as school girls or in barely anything at all.

The party was a blast, but rather than a Halloween party it was turning more and more into a sex party. With all the weird, and sexy was pretty interesting I have to say. 

Headless dancer! Hope he doesn't step on my toes lol

I feel like in Donny Darko
Chained boys
Half naked dancers

String covered men...
hot wax drip anyone?

"No one gets in without a ticket!"

Human Anime girls?

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