Tuesday, November 30, 2010

American Thanksgiving

So I'm resisting taking a nap because if I do, I know I won't be going to dance lol Once I'm stuck in bed with my heater on. I'm a goner. Anyway on Sunday I went down to Kanagawa to Jamie's place for Thanksgiving dinner. Last month it was the Canadian Thanksgiving, so the American's get the chance! :D I had to leave earlier than everyone, but I was so thankful to have been able to spend my thanksgiving with friend I love and adore! You guys are great!

Here is our dessert! Pumpkin Pie! I forgot to take pictures of the other food XD

Eda and Jamie's reaction to My Little Pony movie.

Tiff and I enjoying our pumkpin pie.

Bollywood style

You can add the caption XD

Eda and I camwhoring

Adele does not like Cranberries in a can....

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