Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Dance Time

So what have I been doing? ahhhh...*scratches head* what HAVE I been doing? lol It's hard to remember. Well this week I had dance practice, and went to a live. Oh yes! I went to a jazz live on Thursday and it was a lot of fun! All the songs were in English and the guy singing grew up in New York so it was English I could understand! I chatted with the sax player and he also lived in New York, and I had these two old guys sitting in front of me, and they were brothers and kept talking to me XD they were a bit drunk, and offered me chocolate, and bought me a glass of wine, and I was asked to hang out with them lol They are both single, which was what I found out from them. Friday I had work, and two private lessons in Ikebukuro at night.

Saturday I had work, and at least I was just watching the lessons...mostly. At times I had to take over from the new teacher on a few things, he's still learning, but I think he will do fine. Stupid mommies who keep complaining. Just quit already!

After work I went home, ate dinner, talked with my roomie for a while, had an hour nap and woke up and biked to Harajuku for dance practice. We had all night dance practice. From midnight to 430am. I biked home so I got home just after 5am. I canceled my private lesson because there was no way I wanted to sleep a couple hours and go teach and come home for a couple more hours and go to another 3 hour rehearsal. I got to catch up on sleep today! YEA!!! I really should clean my room...but that means I have to move. Something that I don't think my aching knees will appreciate. Maybe in a little bit. Last night I think I pinched a nerve, or my sciatic nerve was acting up, since in my lower back, mostly in my back left thigh it was aching for a couple hours. And trying to dance with this kind of pain is really hard, but I did my best. We have less than two more weeks until the show!!! No time!! o.O;

Actually I realized I never posted pictures from the show back in here they are!






Afterparty!! Yaki NIKU! All you can eat!

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