Saturday, January 1, 2011

Countdown Japan

A while back a friend mentioned to me about a rock festival going on during new years, and asked if I wanted to join and of course I did. I love music and rock is one of my favorite, Rockin on Japan. Though the timing was a bit bad, day after snowboarding I wake up with bruises and sore muscles to go to a day long rock festival. I arrived a bit early and wait, and meet up with Yuta-kun, who didn't know I was going. Waited for Ma-chan but turns out he was running late, as usual, and then got an email from him saying he forgot the tickets at home and has to go back....his place is almost 2 hours away. We had time to kill. Went for lunch at a pasta place near the station and then 2 hours of karaoke. Finally Ma-chan arrives and we are off to Messei event hall. It started at 1pm, but we got there at 4. But we made up for the lost time, and went back and forth to different areas to see lots of bands until 10pm. My body was already sore after snowboarding, but the night was over it was even worse. I was so tired. But I had a lot of fun! It was pretty crazy there, I think I only saw one foreigner the whole night. Pretty weird. But it is Countdown Japan. All in all a blast of a way to end the year, with two of my favorite people and rock music.

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