Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snowboarding in Karuizawa

My Christmas holiday was a busy one, Christmas was dinner, and movies, and hanging out with friends, I had one day of work where I spent the day editing photos for my students and after wards went and bought some snowboard goods in Jimbocho, the cheap sporting goods area in Tokyo with a friend. I dragged her around with me, stopping to check prices in at least 20 shops, and found a really cheap place where I bought 2000en goggles, 3000en jacket, a couple 500en hats and 1200en gloves. A pretty good haul if I do say myself. After that we went to dinner in Shinjuku, we were looking for Indian curry but couldn't find one at all, usually they are everywhere, so we got yakiniku instead. Headed home after 10pm, and went right to sleep because I had to wake up at 5am to meet Yuka to get the bus to go to Karuizawa for the first snowboarding of the season. It's been 3 months since Yuka and I last met, and instead of sleeping on the bus all we did was talk and catch up on things. We arrived, and I go to the rental area ( I couldn't find cheap snowboard pants the night before so I had to rent them), get my boots and snowboard, Yuka and I change and we're ready to go.

We get on the lift and up we go! I was a bit wobbly since it was my 3rd time snowboarding, but I think I did ok during the day. I fell a few times, one hard one on my knee when I wiped out going down fast on one of the more difficult courses. Kinda sprained my ankle a bit and lots of sore muscles for the next couple days but not bad. I couldn't do much on the hill because it was winter vacation and tons of kids on the hill and I was too afraid to do anything. 

Lunch was a mix of fried onigiri, takoyaki and some sort of seaweed meat ball type of thing. Which I don't recommend when you have no mirror or toothpick XD

The bus ride home went quiet fast, well except at the beginning when I couldn't sleep because of the loud Japanese girls slightly intoxicated and chatting. But the exhaustion got past that and I was out.


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