Thursday, September 22, 2011


After a brief moment of boredom...why I would feel boredom after working a 9 hour shift, and waking up at 3am that day, I jumped in my car, with only my purse and my digital SLR and headed out into the country. Well I rather think that I do live in the country, but this is THE country. I drove down the winding roads, having brief but spiritual thoughts about the winding roads. That it makes your journey just all so much more amazing. After each turn, you don't know what to expect. As you go around the bend, this breath taking view comes to show, you can't help but smile and enjoy all the sights.

My stop that day was Park Falls, or The Falls, that's what it's called around here. It's not really a park, but a waterfall, flowing under an old bridge, that leads into a swimming hole where family and friends have enjoyed a refreshing dip on many hot summer days. Oh the good ol' days! I remember when my cousins and I would grab our bikes and venture through the back woods, where a path lead to the paved road which we took to the falls. When the water was high we would jump off the peak of the rocks, into a tiny pool of water off the falls. The deepest parts would be a little over 6 feet. The rush as you jump and land in the pounding waters is something you don't forget. Of course now a days it's mostly teenagers who are hanging out with friends who venture there.

There have been incidents where things haven't been right at the Falls, but when you drive up, and climb down the high rock walls, and just sit there. All you can feel is peace, and happiness from the beauty of it. It's amazing how something so simple can cause such a feeling in you. How can we compete with that feeling in life and artificial things. It's nearly impossible. I'm glad to have been able to grow up with that beauty around me, it seems like it leaves a part of it in you.

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