Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 2 : Arrival in Cairo

Finally! After a year has gone by, I continue my story about Yuka's and Lindsay's trip! I do apologize for being so late! 
We arrived in Egypt in the early evening, it was a long flight, and it was nice to get out of our seat and do some walking and walked down the long path to immigration where we had to get in line for our visa's to enter the country, but since I was the only Canadian in the group, I had to go to a different counter to get my visa which cost $50USD. Pretty expensive, but it let me into the country a couple of times. The tour group all gathered and met in the arrival area, we didn't have to pick up any of our luggage, it was all included in the package, a hotel personal was there to greet us, and arranged for all our bags to be put on the bus. Yuka and I ran off to the convenience store before we got on the bus, and grabbed some water and snacks for the ride. While we were sitting on the bus I looked out to the other side of the road where I could see this bus being packed with bag and bags on top and many Egyptian men boarding the bus. It was such a different sight from what I'm used to in Tokyo. While we were on our way from the Airport to our hotel we drove through New Cario, and part the man city areas. Passing by us were tons of buses and vans full of Egyptian men, and I could see them stopping at random places a long the road and more and more people piling in. I couldn't believe there was that many people in the buses, some people were hanging out on the side at times.

A good 20-30 minutes we arrived at our hotel, inside we were greeted with a very popular drink in Egypt called Karkadey, it's a juice made from dried Hibiscus flower. It was sweet and a tiny bit sour, but refreshing! It's a very popular drink in Egypt to drink at stands. Can be drank cold or hot. We drank it as they sent off our bags to our rooms and we waited to get our room keys. The inside was gorgeous! An Arabian paradise! After we got our room key, we were sent off in the direction of our room, and went through an outdoor Arabian patio almost Harlem style, with a large pool in the back. Our room was beautiful! We really lucked out with the tour, which such a decent price we had all amazing hotels.

Once we had our stuff in our room, we were out the door to explore out hotel, out by the pool there were musicians playing, a man with a camel offering rides for a ridiculous price, we ended up just taking pictures, and visiting the souvenir shop. After such a long day we were exhausted and headed back to our hotel to get some rest for the next day.  

look at them loading the buses. I've never seen buses with stuff on top! 
Yea! Arabian and English! I can read it :D
Some salsa like and cheese chips
pineapple juice
 Here I'm drinking my first taste of Karkadey, or Hibiscus flower juice!

Inside the main hall of the hotel.

Gorgeous pool
Harlem like patio setting with camel and all. 

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