Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 2 : Video Chat time!

Arabian Paradise
Here I talk on video about the hotel we stayed in. I thought we were really lucky with the hotels we ended up staying in. All of them. While we were in Egypt, this was the hotel we stayed at both nights. The staff was very friendly, we had a few morning talks with the servers at breakfast, they even taught us how to say 'Thank you' in Arabian which is shukran it is pronounced shock-run. Pretty neat isn't it! I wish I could have learned more of the language, but I wasn't there long enough. But there is always time! What would your ideal choice of languages you would like to learn? I would like to learn Korean or Spanish! It's a hard choice.

Videos of our arrival in Cairo, Egypt! 
In the first video we are in our bus heading to our hotel.

We arrive at our hotel, and a brief look at the inside of our room.

Outside by the pool area.

What do you think of the hotel we stayed at? Do you think it was a top rated hotel.
Yes, it's awesome!
Uhh, it's ok.
No, I've seen better.
Can't tell, not enough photos or video. free polls 

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