Thursday, October 27, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 3 : The Great Pyramids

The Great Pyramids!
Every morning during our trip we awoke to 530am wake-up calls and dragged ourselves out of bed, thankfully we both like showering at night, so we get a little more extra sleep. Our trip was all inclusive which means we had our buffet breakfast included in our trip. We packed up and set our bags out in front of our door for pick up, which was awesome. Since we didn't have to lug anything around, and of course Yuka and I were excited to see what type of food Egypt would have and made our way past the pool and into the dining hall for our morning meal and what a buffet it was! With bread of all kinds, jams, eggs, meat, cereal, fresh fruit and juice. You had plenty to choose from. I had heard that while traveling in Egypt to be careful of what you eat, that the fresh fruit and juice could be rough on your stomach, which is what I heard from the Japanese tour guides. But I ate the fresh mango, and it was so juicy and delicious. The fresh jams were to DIE for!

Today's stop was the GREAT PYRAMIDS! While the bus started back on the highway, I could see off in the distance the Great Pyramids, and never thought that our hotel was so close, and during the night we couldn't see them. It was a gorgeous day, a hot one, but the humidity wasn't bad at all, but you did get a bit of a sweat while standing out in the sun all day long, it seems we just missed the end of the summer heat not but a few days before we arrived. We got our tickets to enter the area for the pyramids, and away we went. Up, up, up the hill, and bigger and bigger the pyramids got. They're huge! I can't believe that humans were able to create something that amazing so many years ago when they didn't have all the technology we have these days. I still believe it's Aliens!! With our ticket was included the access to go inside the largest pyramid, and you had to climb a path up along the wall, and there was a hallway you can enter. Being it was prohibited to take photos inside the pyramid, which is too bad, I would have loved to take pictures of the tiny, small hall way, and low arches we had to climb under. It was dark with very little lighting, and after you had to climb or rather should I say, crawl under these huge arches of stone, and climb up a very steep and high flight of stairs that could only fit one person at a time, and people were climbing up the stairs, while others were sitting on their bums as they climbed down the steep stairs. Once we made it up the stairs we were in a dark, black room. It had high ceilings, and it was cool inside. Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see a black box in the back, side of the room. It was the place where the Tomb of Pharoah Khufu would have been placed. I head over and look inside, and to my surprise I see a body laying there, eyes closed. I wonder at first if it's a dummy mummy, but the clothing was from the 21st century. So I stare in confusion until someone starts talking to the guy and he replies. Turns out he was from England and had decided he was going to lay in the coffin for the whole day. Really who can say they spent the day laying in the same place where Pharoah Khufu laid for centuries and centuries. 

Our breakfast~ Tried little bits of many types of things! I loved the mango juice!
A water fountain in our hotel 
I'm still a bit jet lagged! 
Yuka and I waiting for our tickets
We got it!

The money was really neat! I wish I could create my own money or a coin would be nice too!
The Great Pyramids!
Look how huge the stones are! Almost as big as me!

"Hey ya'll!! I'm in Egypt!"

All the men in white uniforms were the police. 

It's so big!!
Behind me, you turn around and see parking and the city in the far distance.

Massive right? I'm 5'9" and it's up to my neck!
Some random tourists we met. People were pretty friendly 

It's almost as tall as Yuka!


As we went to get back on the bus I took this picture of a police officer on a camel.  You can see the town in the background.
Then I took a picture with two of them...and when I said thank you, they asked me for a tip!!! Can you believe it?! The police asking for a tip. I had no money on me, so I just yelled "no money" and jumped into the bus. Scary!