Thursday, October 27, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 3 : The Great Pyramids Video Time

 Check out these videos from my trip of the Great Pyramid! Tons of great shots. Watch how we enter the gated area by bus, then Yuka and my reactions to seeing the Pyramids, we kind of get real kiddish like together, what a pair we are together. Videos of the Egyptian police and last by not least! Me! Dancing in front of the Pyramids. This you can not miss!

As we arrive in our bus outside the gates for the Great Pyramid. Yuka and I are both filming! This happens a lot during our trip. haha

Once again double filming. Walking up to the Largest Pyramid

All the men in white uniforms are the police. Since the weather has such extreme heat, they wear mostly all white.

Watch as I show off my lockin' skills! 

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