Friday, October 28, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 4 : Camel's, Watch out, they spit!

After our time spent at the Great Pyramids, our schedule was tight so we headed back to the bus, drove down to the outskirts of the pyramids where we got to go on a REAL camel ride!! There were tons of booths set up with vendors selling items, and Egyptian men out offering to take your photo or take a photo with them if you gave them tips, they were very pushing so you had to be firm with them. If you gave in even just a little bit, they would stick with you for a long time. I was offered items for free from one guy, but I told him no, but he said it was free, then as I took the items he wanted a tip for me receiving these 'free' items. He was trying to scam me! I wouldn't put up with that, so I just gave back his stuff and said “no thanks!'

Camels, what in-ter-es-ting creatures, not very pretty, and very cranky animals. They say that they spit, but luckily I didn't have the chance to witness this action. But the crankiness, well I guess I would be too if I had to have tons of people climb up on my back all day long, and guys with whips telling me when and where to stand and sit down. It was actually quiet easy to get on the camel, easier than getting on a horse I can tell ya! Since the camel sits on the ground, making it easier to slide your leg over and the saddle was a lot tighter and didn't move around too much.  Of course the motions for the camel to stand up are a lot different, it's butt goes up first then it's front follows. Same when you are getting off, the front part goes down first, then the butt. But as long as you had a good grip on the handle you would do fine. I got to go out into the desert and my travel guide stopped so I could get some shots on the camel with the Pyramids in the background. Our tour guide had mentioned before we went on our camel right that we didn't have to tip the guys since he had already paid them off with tip price included, but that didn't stop the guy from asking. But I just said I had no money on me, and left it at that.

Lots of pictures below! Please comment with which pictures you like the best! And your stories from Egypt!

It is really A LOT heavier than it seems!

Now I choose to "Walk like an Egyptian"
Yuka is being a mummy

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