Sunday, October 30, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 5 : The Sphnix and Papyrus

The Sphinx was our next stop. I have never would have imagined it with large fences around it, I've always just seen the Sphinx on TV or in photos as it was, nothing surrounding it, but this huge creature statuette, and that was it, but you enter through a door area, and walk around tall pillars of stone in the area where the Sphinx was. What a sight it was. Something I never thought I would see! My mind was just being overwhelmed with astonishing sights all day long.

Got a lot of amazing shots and we went over to the vendors to see if there was anything we wanted to buy, saw a lot of cute jewelry, and got some bracelets. Oh yes. Make sure you haggle! They will lower the prices....eventually.

It was pretty funny, just over some buildings and a fence I could see a pizza hut in the distance, and people riding around on camels or horses, with goats wandering out on their own around the town. What a weird sight!

Back on the road we were off again, next stop was a place downtown Cario at a papyrus paper shop. Papyrus is Egyptian paper they used long, long time ago, before books and newspaper, and is made from reeds. We were shown how it was made, created and shown the final works, and some of the most amazing artwork done on it. You start off with peeling the outside skin, then slicing the inside in strips and it is placed side by side and layered like a weave, when it is then placed in water to soak and pressed under a hard rock for 21 days. The juice from the plant acts like glue and when you let it sit out in the sun to dry and hammered flat it becomes a sheet of paper. You were able to purchase any piece you wanted, and could get your name written on the side in Arabian. It would have been neat to buy, but I had no place to put it, and decided to wait for the real shopping.

After such a long day of adventure, our stomachs were starting to growl, and it was dinner time! We headed down the street, through small towns, across bridges, and arrived at a restaurant with the Pyramids in our far view from the restaurant window. Only I have to say that I really didn't enjoy Egyptian food, with out meal we received some pita bread with a dipping sauce and mixed vegetables, a meat stew, which both were alright. Then the rice came...and it tasted like it was cinnamon flavoured rice. Not my favourite rice flavor. Dessert was a bunch of random, chewy, rarely flavoured pastry’s. Not the greatest place, for being called a 'First Class Restaurant'. I don't think I would like to try any lower class restaurants if that was the best cuisine they had. 

see Yuka kiss
see Lindsay kiss 

the process of creating papyrus. you see he holds slices of the reed in his hand.
I love the gold color they had in the paintings! beautiful!
wow this lady is strong!

I think these are goats...

Appetizer of some pita and veggies.

Cinnamon flavored rice...I did not enjoy
deserts I didn`t enjoy either...I think I would have got really skinny living in Egypt. I didn`t like most of their food

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