Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Prize

Because I LOVE Halloween so much, I'm offering a little present for some lucky person! A cute Halloween pumpkin bag with a few Halloween goodies tucked inside, FREE! All I want you to do is comment with your answer to...

 "What is your favorite thing about Halloween?" 

It can be a memory too! I will randomly pick the lucky winner next week, Thursday, October 20th. If you want to be included in the chance for the Halloween gift, make sure you include your email so I can email the winner. So be sure to comment for a chance to win! 


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  2. Halloween is my favorite festive day of the year because it is the only one celebrating community! On that day, perfect strangers open their doors to everyone from the neighborhood to share sweets! You give out candies with no expectation of receiving anything in return! For one night, boundary are let down and kids can run from house to house with great expectation ;-) I love how every year, this day bring our neighborhood closer together. I always love chatting with everyone that shows up at the door! Halloween might have lost is true pagan meaning, but in the end, I love the true spirit of welcoming people and giving that comes with it.

  3. I have one particular memory that has always stood out for me for Halloween, there was a year when I was quite young where I got to go Trick or Treating TWICE. My mother lived in Halifax and my father in Trenton and for some reason that year one of the two locations decided to change the date of Halloween. I got to go Trick or Treating in both places!

    In general my favourite part of Halloween has got to be the decorations. I love the blend of sometimes whimsical stuff mixed with the scary stuff.

    Also Halloween comes right after my Birthday (which happens to be the 20th btw -hinthintnudgenudge-) so I had a lot of Halloween themed birthday parties!

  4. My favorite things are the costumes, of course! When I was a kid it was all about the candy, but I can buy that myself now. :P

    And you know my email :)

  5. My favorite part of Halloween is seeing the little ones dressed up.
    They are so cute. Also, I love eating the left over treats.
    Happy Halloween everyone.

  6. My favorite part of Halloween as a kid was never getting the candy itself (though of course that was fun if not cold some years in New York) but getting home with friends and trading off the things we didn't want. Of course no one ever wanted those black and orange peanut butter toffee things or the wafer candies so they usually got left til the end and you found the one person in your group who actually liked them. I was a huge milk dud lover (still am) so would always trade double to triple of other candies just to get my hands on some milk duds.

    Halloween, teaching even young kids the rules of bartering.

    And baked pumpkin seeds, those are the best ^^

  7. Hello. It's good news !

  8. I was going through some childhood pictures yesterday and realized that ever since I was 1 year old, I have been dressing up and now that i'm 27, I still do! That's why Halloween is my favorit holiday of all time.
    I love to put on a costume and pretend to be someone or something else. If i could do it every, i would...but people would think me weird. So Halloween is the only time where everyone is free to be their inner witch, or ghost or princess or even superhero!

    One day, when i have kids, I will tell them that on halloween we get to put on clothes that we don't wear everyday, but that if they want to wear their princess dress or superhero cape to school in april, they can and they should! That every day should be filled with adventure and laughter. And wearing costumes frees us from being normal.

    So I love halloween because I can dress up and see the imaginative/creative world we have in our head come up to life for one night. It's magical!