Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Turkey Day

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving day, actually, had two wonderful Thanksgiving days. On Sunday my mother and her boyfriend and I had a delicious homemade Turkey dinner at home. Mom sure did an amazing job! It's been over four years since I have had the chance to have a homemade Thanksgiving, turkey dinner in Canada, and boy was I thankful for it. Homemade stuffing, gravy, whipped potatoes...my tummy grumbles as I just think of it. Of course the best way to end turkey dinner is to lay in bed, let those lovely turkey tryotophan amino acids run through my sleepy body, and watch a movie.

Then yet again, on Monday, I got to enjoy another homemade turkey dinner that my aunt made. This time it was the whole family dinner, as I entered the house, all I could smell was turkey dinner. I end up talking to my cousins, and during that time, slowly as the turkey was being brought out and cut, we are started lining up. It was more of unconscious thing, and was truly a hilarious time. Everyone was laughing as we ran away at moments, but not before telling someone to save our spot, at one time the dog decided to take one spot. Pictures were taken as we were lined up holding out plates.

Look how the men have to all gather to watch the butchering of the turkey.
We were all lined up and waiting with our plates empty and our stomachs empy. The men finally start rolling in just moments before dinner is served, but as they try to sneak for a little turkey snack, they are yelled at and booted back to the end of the line. No one is getting in the way of our turkey. Haha. Finally the rush is on, yells are being called out, "don't eat all the dark meat", "hurry up there", and we finally fill our plates and sit and chow down. Of course, as always, your eyes are bigger than your stomach, and after you hit that one layer of potatoes and turkey, you start to regret that extra scoop of potatoes, and those few extra slices of turkey, but you don't give up. You take a break, and keep at it. Once your plate is cleared you sit back, and sigh with fulfillment, or more likely over-fulfillment... you couldn't eat one more bite...but then you hear those special words. "Dessert anyone" and to you reply, "Yes, please!" You always have a separate stomach for dessert! My grandma makes a mean lemon meringue pie!

The ladies relax and wait with some wine.
Here we are wondering, "Is that turkey finished yet?!"
Here my cousin stands first in line, he's so hungry, he looks like he's going to cry!

Time to dig in!

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