Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mai`s Halloween Night

Art by Chicoryskies

Here is a Halloween Story I have written for children and everyone of all ages. I hope you can pass along my story to others, and maybe one of you will read this one night before bed, to your children all snug in bed. I am also looking for an illustrator. If you are interested in doing it, just comment to contact me! :)

We'll start this story on a dark stormy night.
When you were fast asleep, in your warm bed, tucked tight.
It was not just your regular gloomy night.
It was All Hallows Eve; or Halloween as you know it right?

The night of witches, wizards, vampires and ghosts.
Sorcery and spells; and tricks at their most.
Now we have a girl, her name...let's call her Mai.
A shy girl, she was. At the age of only nine.

She had long brown hair, always up in a braid.
And green eyes, that sparkled just like jade.
Her father's a salesman, her mother a cook.
And Mai, the daughter; her nose always in a book.

Enough about that! Let's get back to the story.
Things are just getting interesting, so we'd better hurry.

Though many were asleep, Mai was not done.
She was up reading, the clock about to strike 12:01 .
She sat there upon her tiny window sill.
Unaware that this night, would bring unexpected thrills.

The wind rattled the window, making Mai stop and look outside.
But as she was turning, a light caught her eye.
In the far distance, deep in the trees.
Something was glowing. But what could it be?

"Now that's strange." she thought with uncertainty.
"I thought that there was nothing in the forest but animals and trees."
The light continued to shine, although it was dim.
As the trees and leaves were tossed about in the wind.

Like any young child, curious and naive.
Mai decided to investigate and took her leave.
She tip-toed down the stairs; put on her coat and shoes.
With one last check behind her, the door was closed.

Mai walked down the path, the wind dancing around her,
And when she entered the forest, she stopped in wonder.
"What a wonderful tune" she said and closed her eyes.
"This delightful music, dancing so high in the sky."

The shy girl, of only 9 started to walk through the trees, the lights getting brighter.
As she got closer, she could hear the singing get louder and louder.

"Once a year, as the clocks hands strike twelve-oh-one.
On All Hallows Eve, all the monsters come out to have some fun.

Witches and wizards; vampires and ghosts;
We all come together to party in this house.
Magic and spells are all very swell,
We all live to holler, scream and yell.

We dance in circles, we tell stories all night.
This is our day, so we'll party till its light!"

Mai was finally able to see, what had brought her out that night.
A house made of red oak trees, wound up, bound tight.
The walls were tree trunks, the roof was of leaves.
And inside, you are probably wondering...what did she see?

Mai crawled to the house, slowly on hands and knees.
Peering into the house made of wood and leaves.
Inside she did see a most astonishing sight.
Monsters and goblins, all dancing in delight.

Witches and Vampires, Zombies and Ghosts.
Everyone was present. Even the most...

The most prettiest witch.
The ugliest goblin.
The oldest wizard,
And even the youngest gremlin.

The tallest giant.
The smallest ghost.
The were all gathered,
To give a toast...

"We are gathered here today, for one special reason.
To celebrate this holiday on every autumn season."
"Now raise your cups, high up in the air,
And everyone give Halloween one great big cheer!"

The giants stomped happily, the ghosts gleefully whirled.
Mai creeped forward, but a sound behind her made her twirl.
The house made of trees, had its own mind you see.
I guess it was the magic, the magic of Halloween.

It lifted Mai up, up, up, onto the roof made of leaves.
And as she rose, she gave a loud scream.

"Stop! Put me down! What do you think you are doing?"
Mai cried, as she fought and turned, but the tree kept going.
But the roof made of leaves, was not strong at all.
And Mai began to scream, as she started to fall.

"Help! Oh no! What will I do?"
Mai thought as she was falling straight to her doom.
She closed her eyes, tight as she could,
Wishing, wishing, she had not found this house of wood.

Oh wait! It's fine. Mai do not cry!
Everything will be just fine.

Hard on the ground, she did not land,
But safely in the tallest giants, wide open hand.
He looked down at her, and gave a wide toothy grin.
"Look at this fella's! It seems we have a new friend."

Too shocked to speak, she was soon passed around.
From the giants' rough hand to the wizards on the ground.
Looking around in fear, she soon started to tremble.
The old wizard spoke first "Don't worry Dear, you're in no trouble."

"Who are you? What are you? What is this place?"
She motioned around her, as she began to pace.

"There are witches, giants, goblins and ghosts.
Gremlins, and vampires, and wizards, in this house."
"The trees can move, there're pumpkins in the sky.
There are bats and cats flying oh so very high!"

"Do not worry, we do not mean you any harm."
The old wizard said, motioning the others as he turned.
"We are all here together to celebrate this day.
So stop you sniffling' and shed those tears right away."

With that said and done, the crowd began to cheer.
The party that unexpectedly stopped, was now back in gear.
A witch stepped forward and flicked her wrist,
Hundreds of streamers came out of her wand tip.

Mai stood watching, the ghosts dancing in the sky,
She decided to join them, and stop being shy.

She danced in circles, till she could not stand.
Bobbed for candy apples, in an old witches pan.
Eating `Gremlin cookies and Giant cupcakes`,
She drank the last `Poppin' wizard soda` that was in the case.

The party continued, till it was first light.
And finally the monsters all sang with might.

"Halloween, Oh Halloween, the night is at an end.
Time to say goodbye to all of our new friends.
But farewell forever, is not what we will say.
But see you next year, same time, and same day."

Then Mai stepped forward, her arms in the air.
The monsters stopped cheering and all turned to stare.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much."
"For this wonderful evening." Mai said in a rush.
They all just smiled and lifted her high.
As rainbow colored fireworks painted the sky.

You may be wondering, how this came to be.
Well, that is no secret, it was because it was Halloween.

And the shy girl of the age only nine,
The girl who we called Mai.
Was no longer a young girl that was shy
And had friends of many, many kinds.

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  1. I like it. I even have the whole storyboard in my head. I might try and draw it down for you if you want.