Monday, October 24, 2011

One tank trip Nova Scotia : Big Island, Merigomish, Lismore, Antigonish

For those who don't know Nova Scotia, it's an almost island; a pennisula, at the far east coast of Canada. I know many times when asked by people from other countries, they very rarely know where it is. Nova Scotia is Canada's second-smallest province in area after Prince Edward Island with a population of 946,397 people. The province is surrounded by three major bodies of water, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the Bay of Fundy, and the Atlantic Ocean. At any point of time, anywhere in Nova Scotia, will you be anywhere farther from the ocean than 42 miles, and Cape Breton Island, a large island northeast of Nova Scotia is aslo part of the province. As well as Sable Island, a small island famous for it's shipwrecks and wild horses. The capital is Halifax with the largest number of people residing there. I myself live in Pictou County, a place that consists of 5 small towns.

Anyway, I live in a small town, with only 9,455 people. So there isn't much to offer in entertainment other than the movie theatre, a bowling alley, a tiny shopping mall, a Walmart and a couple pubs and restaurants.

So to do something fun and exciting and to break out of the dull routine, I decided to try going on little one day trips, to which I like to call, “one tank trip”. Gas being so expensive, I would like to try to make it cheap as I can. I like to give ideas to others in Nova Scotia, people who are new to living here, or maybe just coming for vacation to some really beautiful and great places in Nova Scotia. Please comment with your own trips around Nova Scotia, and some places that you thought were amazing.

Our first 'one tank trip' was along the Northumberland Strait coastline. We started off heading to Merigomish and along to Big Island where there is a long, thin road winding between the ocean coast. Summer it's a perfect place to go play in the sand, or take a dip in the cool ocean water. The waters of the Northumberland Strait has the warmest waters north of the world.

Next stop was Lismore village, famous for it's fishing wharf, boats fill the port, and a fishing plant on the wharf. As you exit the car you can smell the fish in the air. The day we went the wind was wild, so we didn't have the chance to walk along the wharf, but next time I'll have to go on a calmer day.

Back in the car we go, and off on the road to our next stop. A small lighthouse just down the coast in Lismore which would make a wonderful place during the summer. Inside the lighthouse is a small canteen, of course it being October, it had long closed. A rocky coast, and waves hitting the beach is your view, and a perfect place for a stroll on the beach, a picnic and lots of wonderful places to take pictures.

Our final stop was Antigonish, home of Saint of Xavier University, a city where the population doubles when school is in. Another small town, but with the basic necessities, a small mall, restaurants, etc...For our final stop we did a bit of shopping at mall, which I will say is very, very small and had a delicious lunch at Boston Pizza, I do recommend their pasta, 'magnificent' I would say in a very thick French accent! If you love a scenic drive with an ocean view I do recommend you drive along the Northumberland Strait, you won't regret it!

Look below for lots of pictures from this trip. And make sure you keep checking for more 'one tank trips' in Nova Scotia! Next is TRURO!

Beautiful view from top of Big Island

A long beautiful beach, with a small B & B close by!

One of the fish factories in Lismore Village

Lismore fishing wharf

A tiny, cute lighthouse, but too bad it was too late in the season for the canteen not to be open.

I LOVE Boston Pizza's pasta, so delicious!

On our drive home we had a wonderful view of all the changing leaves.

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