Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'One tank trip' Nova Scotia : Truro

A good 30 minutes drive from Pictou County is a town called Truro, which is slightly larger with a variety of different colleges, and a larger population. A more main city with a train station running through downtown. With that, it  means more assortment of shopping! Just as you exit the highway going into Truro you have the 'Gaint Tiger' a place that offers a little bit of everything. I was mostly interested in the clothes, and found a few great items for a cheap price. A very chik, black lace dress, and a sexy black top. You have so many options for shopping in Truro, a mall, a downtown with tons of shops and restaurants. One place I had wanted to go for so long, when I first heard it had opened, a Japanese sushi shop called "Sushi Way". Which is why I chose to go to that place. The restaurant was pleasant inside, the menu was numerous and the prices were decent and the food delicious, but compared to some sushi I had in Japan, I've had better and worse.

After lunch we went over to Victoria Park, it offers a large playground for children of all ages, a swimming pool open during the summer with slides and lots of entertainment for kids, paths and trails in the woods following a river, and if you follow the river long enough you will come upon a waterfall. A great spot really. I loved taking pictures there, and there was even a wedding going on while we were there.

I got lots of photos which will tell the story from my trip, so please take a look and comment with what shots you liked the best!

At Sushi Way, downtown Truro...wouldn't you guess...it's owned by Chinese people.
Cute little dishes

I got a sushi combo. Pretty good for this area. 
Just walking into the park, the leaves are turning a beautiful shade of yellow. 

Take a seat with me! 

I get my mom to pose for my photos XD

Just beautiful!!

I climbed up the hill!!...ok now how do I get down!

Jacobs Ladder... My Mom:"We can do it!"

Me : "Ok let's do this thing!"

Mom: "I can't look up! I get dizzy"

High view up top! 

What you don't know is I'm standing on the railing off a high cliff...I'm just thinking "please don't fall" haha
Yea!! It's going down now!

Victoria Park Waterfall...just gorgeous

Here's my pensive pose... 

Just perfect for this time of year! Halloween!

I would love to have an autumn wedding. The pictures would be just amazing. They had a great day for a wedding!
Why don't you climb up!

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