Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tak's Thai Kitchen

Thai Everybody! This week I got to try out 'Tak's Thai Kitchen' down in Pictou, NS. It was a beautiful evening, a slight fall breeze, but a clear sky. Tak's Thai Kitchen is located right by the waterfront, across from the famous 'Hector ship'. Since it was a weekday evening, when we walked into the restaurant we were seated quickly. Our waitress was very friendly, and the atmosphere was very cozy. There were wooden dividers to create a more private sitting areas, and wooden screens around the place with thai decorations tastefully placed around the room.

There was many different items on the menu, it was a hard decision to make on what we wanted. For our appetizer we chose wanton's, I found the quantity for the appetizers for the price a little lacking. The size for our main dish defiantly made up for the lacking of appetizers. My dish was the pork sweet and sour pineapple Thai dish, my mother had the cashew pork Thai dish. I did love the taste of both dishes, but since the dish was so massive the taste after a while became too rich to finish. I would have rather liked that they had a smaller portion with a choice of an appetizer with the the mail meal. I think next time I go, I would like to shares dishes with someone, and have two kinds of Thai dishes. You can check the restaurant out on facebook to find more information out, and to see their location. If you have every been there please be sure to leave a comment saying how you enjoyed Tak's Thai Kitchen. :)

Wanton's for our appetizer

It's dinner time! Sweet and sour pineapple Thai dish.

Right across the street is the Ship Hector

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