Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What a cruel male-dominated culture.

Photo from Halas

It just goes to show you just how something so little to us, is so different to others. Westernized cultures, we have the choice to wear anything that we choose, but to little we know that some woman have the choice of wearing a veil, and they make that decision to do so. Of course there are places that it is demanded upon, but it just goes to show the stereotypes and ignorance in this world. And we should all try to learn a little more about their social constructs give more thought to other cultures before making judgement of others.


  1. I saw that on facebook (i think you posted it too) and i thought it was pretty funny in an ironic way.
    Most people are pretty close minded when it comes to other cultures, living in a small town now, i realize that and sometimes it makes me furious, but i just bite my tongue because i know a few years ago, i probably was one of those.

    I think learning about different culture is such an amazing thing. Thinking back to hundred years ago when all you knew was stopped by the seashore or backyard. and now we have the technology and knowledge to go beyond all that and learn more from others. See different scenery and people. We are lucky to be able to just go to the other side of the world in a matter of hours...or just go down to our local chinatown or little Italy to experience all those things.

    I'm sad that a lot of people don't take advantages from this and open their mind to all the differences in the world.
    Sometimes, the comfort zone is more comfortable once it has been broaded. You don't feel as clostophobic!

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