Monday, November 14, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 11: Pamukkale The Cotton Castle

High in the mountains in Southwestern Turkey you can find the "Cotton Castle", also know as Pamukkale. The city contains hot springs and travertines, which is why the rocks and all the pools of water are white colored, it's the terraces of carbonate minerals left behind. People have been bathing in these pools for over thousands of years! Which makes me glad it's all running water...just imagine sharing the same bath with, who knows how many people! The ancient Greco-Roman and Ryzantine city of Hierapolis was built on top of the "cotton castle", and during the many years of tourism in the 20th century, there was a lot of hotels built up on the hill ruining it's beauty and destroying it, but when it was declared a World Heritage Site, the buildings were torn down, and now you can only enter the hot spring area with barefoot, no shoes are allowed. In the area there are 17 hot spring areas, and you can read more at Wikipedia: Pamukkale.

Lots of shops to buy souvenirs as we enter and leave.

We arrive at the Springs just as the sun was setting

The girls and I hop into some hot spring water...too bad you can't see the river of water...

Aww don't we look cute 

Fountain statues...

This guy is taking a bath and using the sand as a face mask

Wish I had brought my bathing suit!

Dinner time!

Night shopping in the town market

Some ice cream for 60 cents! The give how served me didn't know what flavors these were. 

Kitty on my foot and I wanna touch it!

The town main fountain, which is all natural spring water. 

Enjoying the hot springs!

There was a lot of blue... 

There's our hotel in the distance, right after our bus

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