Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 17: Turkish Rugs Show

Did you know that Turkish rugs are one of the worlds most sought after household goods?! Another stop on our tour was a Turkish rug shop, actually they make the most amazing rugs in Turkey, most of them made by either cotton or silk. The silk rugs have a smoother feeling to them, and a shiny gloss to it. They took us through the whole process of making the rugs. First how you get silk, with tiny, silkworms. The smell was horrible, the image was nauseating...but the end product is astonishing. Just amazing on how they came to create something like a silkworm to make beautiful, silk-made rugs, I will not ever understand. Check below at my pictures that goes through the process of talking silkworms, to be made into rugs! 

Showing us how they made the fine silk for the Turkish Rugs....

with silkworms!!!.....ewwwww....

so sticky! yuck!

They stretch super far!

They spin and spin the silk, and add natural dyes to the silk to give color. Like berries for reds, dirt for browns, different plants for certain

Once they go through the process of making it into string they dye it colors, all natural. Then you can start with making the rug.

Most girls start at a young age and retire early since they get slower and can't move their fingers as fast.

Showing off some samples of different rugs.

All so very colorful!

Some were reversable and changed colors on both sides. Those would be a lot more difficult to make.

During our show we get some more apple tea!

An amazing piece of art! And it's a rug! Unbelievable!

With one of the helpers there, she was very sweet

This fellow owns the shop!


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