Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 6 : See you Egypt and Helllloooo Istanbul!

In continuation from my previous post about Egypt, if you didn't check it out you can find it here at Egypt & Turkey Part 5 : The Sphnix and Papyrus. I would say the meal on our flight to Istanbul, Turkey; which we boarded soon after our meal in Egypt at a "First Class Restaurant"; was better than the actual restaurant food... that was how bad I thought the meal was. Compare it to airplane food. No! Saying that airplane food was BETTER than restaurant food. Not good at all. Our flight to Turkey was short, and we soon arrived in Istanbul after only a couple hours, once again we had to go through customs, though the visa stamp you need to get into the country was cheaper than Egypt. Our bags were picked up for us, and we were off to our hotel downtown Istanbul, and once we got into our high class hotel, once again Yuka and I were out on the streets searching for more adventure! Actually we were in search for a supermarket, but to our sadness, the one we found was closing. BUT there were convenience stores! We got some 25 cent ice cream, and some cheap chips and pop, and it was snack party time at our hotel room!

So you see, what a high packed tour this was, and everyday was full of tons of fun and adventure! So keep checking for my post next about Turkish food, ferry rides (we actually got to drive the ferry!) and Troy!  

I thought these plugs in the plane were pretty funky...nothing I'm used to!
Goodbye Egypt!
Wow! Food that's not Egyptian! Yea!
Arriving in Istanbul
Our view from our hotel room

At the convenience store
Yuka's excited to be in Turkey!

Ice Cream!! We had the chocolate with strawberry ice cream inside. Only 25 cents!

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