Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 8: Troy and Ferry Rides

It was tough waking up early, but we managed....we walked down to breakfast in a half daze until we got some coffee in us, and food, once again bread, jam, different types of meat, and some other random things I forget. I have to say Turkish food tastes a lot better than Egyptian food... We all boarded the bus and it was a long, long, looooooooooooonnnnngggg bus day. We spent a lot of time on the bus. I really wish they made the bus seats bigger and more leg room. We were on the bus for a few hours, stopping a few times for washroom breaks and snacks. We of course grabbed some, but tried to sleep on our way. We stopped for lunch at Eceabat - Canakkale ferry which is along the Thracian side of the Sea of Marmara coast. At times I thought the waves from the ferry would hit us on the patio by the water.   The food was a lot better than Egypt, I really do enjoy Turkish food! Soon after lunch we boarded the ferry, and had an hour trip across the water to arrive in Canakkale, which is the closest main city to Troy. There are actually buses that leave hourly from the city to Troy. Also, just to note, Yuka and I got to drive the ferry across the strait. I think we're lucky to have been able to arrive at land, rather than sink. 

For those who don't know much about Troy, it was best know for being the focus of the Trojan War, you can read more about it on Wikipedia: Troy. Just at the entrance you see the large statue of the Troy Horse, and it may just seem small in pictures, but you can climb up in it! It's a good 4/5 stories high! This place has over 4000 years of history, and one of the most famous archaeological sights in the world! See our stroll around in my pictures below.

Metro Chocolate bar and some chewy candies.

This man is selling bread to people in cars from his head! 

Lunch by the water

Some fish, rice and a spring roll for lunch

One of the crew members snuck up in behind for our picture. They were all very nice!

We got to drive the ferry!!!

it's my turn! 

Ahh! My dress keeps flying up! 

We arrive in Troy. Our tour guide said that water used to we closer, so they could see any ships coming in. So they were ready for battle!

Old foundation from buildings in the Troy era.

You can see the numbers to show the decades of building.

Ruins Ruins all around me! Such old history! 

See! it's huge!! I'm in the window! Can you see me?

Up to the top I go...It's high from there!

Every country had cats! So cute!

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