Saturday, November 5, 2011

Egypt & Turkey Part 9: Beach spa resort by the Aegean Sea

After our tour around Troy back in the bus we go, off to our spa hotel. Beautiful, beach resort by the Aegean Sea in Izmir. As soon as we arrived, we slipped into our bathing suits, and head down to the beach. Without even putting out toe in the water we run and jump into the ocean, to find that the water was warm as a bath. Even though it was the end of September, the water was still beautiful. 

A quick shower, and we are on the go again, we go for a stroll down a path along the waterfront. We pass tons of restaurants, some places people were sitting by the water and the waiter would take a huge tray of fresh fish of the day and you were able to choose your meal, there were many stalls selling jewelry, scarves and trinkets too, I haggled with a lady for a cute, trinket like bracelet. We stop for some ice cream, and sit beside the water and watch the sunset. Those moments are something that I will never forget.

Our Hotel

Here I go!!
The water feels great!

Once again we find a convenience store

Yuka blows away the sun...

Chooo Chooo!

Beautiful spots by the water.

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