Friday, December 23, 2011

Japanese Breakfast Time

I decided to give making my own traditional breakfast a try! A traditional Japanese breakfast usually starts with rice and fish (or some fried meat), on the side you usually have tofu, salad or tsukemono(pickles) and miso soup. Tamagoyaki is always very popular, let's just call it an rolled omelet, I've experienced making tamagoyaki, and it is very easy to make...but only after many tries and mistakes, it's takes a couple tries to get it rolled perfectly in layers so the eggs just melt in your mouth. Also served with breakfast would be natto, which is fermented soy bean, one food item I haven't got used to yet, the smell stinks, and it's gooeyness is very unpleasing... But of course you don't need to stick to this theme, now a days Japanese people are turning towards a more 'American' type of breakfast. Bread, toast or cereal, which would be very 'American', as well as incorporating fried eggs and bacon into their meals.  

So why don't you try being creative and create your own fun, Japanese breakfast! I would love it if you left any comments with any recipes that you have tried, or some pictures of anything you have made! 

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