Monday, December 26, 2011

Street Shots

The other day I decided to walk to meet with my friends...sure I could have taken the train, which would have took me only around 10 mins, but I decided a new adventure, and getting lost would be fun. Exercise never hurt anyone...only my feet. So an hour and a half later, got lost two times, and a quick juice break I made it to my destination. Here is what I saw on my way...

A typical back street...

I thought this was different....looks like they didn't finish painting.

A small shopping street

Some wall paintings at a parking spot.

Waiting for the trains to pass.

A tiny temple down a small side street.

I liked the look of this building...I would like to live here.

Best thing ever....vending machines!

This kids shorts are WAY too short! Did he have a growth spurt?

Arrival at the Ikebukuro Station! Just in time for lunch!

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