Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Shinjuku HALC Cafe

What a better way to enjoy lunch than with friends in a special Alice in Wonderland cafe. Located in the basement of the Odakyu HALC building, located only moments away from the Shinjuku West exit, you don't even have to leave the warmth and comfort of the station if it's a cold and rainy day, just look for the entrance for Bic Camera and Odakyu HALC, head down the stairs and you'll see the sign for「魔法の国のアリス」, which translate into the "Magic Country of Alice". Outside you will see a display of their main dishes and desserts all styled into a "Magic Alice" style. This cafe is a chain from Diamond Dining, they have many different types of theme restaurants, such as a Vampire Cafe and many types of izakayas...

As we entered the cafe, the cafe cash register is styled to be the shape of a pile of books, and all the staff are dressed up in Alice outfits. Being lead to our seems we pass booths that are bright green and in the shapes of bushes, and into the main dining area where it's full of colors...bright pink hearts, and sparkling chandeliers.

Their lunch menu consists of a couple types of different pastas, meat loaf type of dish with a face of the Chesish Cat, a meat and fish stew are also available. The price ranges from 900yen - 1300yen and included in the price is all you can drink bar (juice, coffee and tea), bread and/or rice and salad. Lunch set dessert is an additional 250yen or larger parfait types are 800-1000yen. Here is a Japanese site to view the lunch dishes. At night the prices tend to be a little more expensive, but they have a larger menu to choose from.

Around Tokyo there have been various of different types of Alice cafes popping up everywhere, some are just a regular type of cafe with a few Wonderland type of decorations, but this was one of the best cafe's for Alice in Wonderland that I've been to yet. If you have the chance and the time I recommend you visit the "Magic Country Of Alice"!

More information on the location, menu and prices at Gurunabi.

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