Tuesday, January 10, 2012

カニ道楽 Crab Douraku

The other day it was decided to try out the Crab Douraku (かに道楽) in Shinjuku. I, myself have never had the REAL experience of trying crab, sure I've tried the cheap kind, and sorta of enjoyed it, but I've never really, REALLY experienced the fresh taste of  かに Crab! Located just a step away from the East exit at Shinjuku. On the 4th floor in the same building of the clothing store Zara, you can't miss it when you walk down the street, you'll see a huge Crab prop on the building. I would recommend you make a reservation if you can, since normal waiting times can be anywhere from 30 minutes or more. If you decide to tough it out, and wait the time, bring a book, or iPad... The place was beautiful, classic Japanese atmosphere; in the background you can hear the Japanese harp (琴-koto), the waitresses were all wearing kimono's and Japanese wear, it must be hard to have to dress up in those everyday for your job, a lot more difficult than getting ready for a regular day at the office. 

It was delicious; all the parts of the meals were brought in sets, and at a few times I was wondering when the next meal would come along, but before long it would show up. I would recommend it anyone would loves crab and want dine in a Japanese atmosphere.

Here is the website information: Dourak. Enjoy!

Here we go! Some neat mirrors at Nishi-Shinjuku station!

Ooedo train line...is one of the deepest train lines..it takes forever to get to ground level!

Out of the station....

On our way to Crab Douraku! Taking a few back streets to get there!

Outside in front of カニ道楽 Crab Hobby...the translation is hard to say, basically it means "to enjoy eating crabs".

Here is the front display showing off their main dishes by 'plastic' means. It's typical to see in front of shops, plastic made versions of their food items so customers can get the reality image from the visual food look and decide to eat at their restaurant.

The plastic servings to show what is in their menu at the front counter.

Here on the sign it says one of these crabs can cost anywhere from 6000yen to 14000yen! That's around $60 to $160 for one crab!! Wow!

We arrived to have to wait 40mins to get a seat.

All the waitress dress up in an old fashioned way in their kimono.

Nice, Japanese atmosphere

Even the ashtray is a crab!!

Dipping water for your fingers!

First dishes! Boiled crab and fresh, raw crab!

Okondate (menu) - Eiraku (forever fun)

Fun forever menu! Look below at all the pictures! This one includes the deep fried crab and the Crab-suki!

 Menu - Shiori (Bookmark/guidebook)

Check out the pictures below! This menu includes crab tempura and the fried crab rice.

Savoury Egg Custard with crab


BBQ Crab

Deep fried crab!

 青リンゴサワー (Blue Apple Sour) in Japan green is at times said to be blue. The crosswalk light is said to be blue as well.

Next on the list is カニすき or Crab-suki, which is a hot pot and you put in many different vegetables, tofu, and noodles, and can't forget the crab!

boil, boil, boil!

BOIL! Soon! :)

Crab fried rice

Japanese don't waste anything! Here from the leftovers from our Crab-suki dish.

In goes the green onions!

Our waitress is making sure the texture is good.

Now to let it cook...

Ta-da- Zousui! AKA Rice Gruel

Here I am enjoying my crab dinner! Peace!

Orange Sherbet for dessert. You have 5 choices to choose from, green tea ice cream, vanilla ice cream and more.

The restaurant has a typical, classic Japanese feeling and atmosphere.

Here is the non-smoking area. With a stage where live performance music can be played

Goodbye crabs! See you again!

If you want you can create your own crab dinner at home!

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