Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fukubukaro - The Japanese New Years Mystery Bag

Fukubukuro, the Japanese New Years Mystery bag is always something to look forward after the new years bell rings... Most the major shopping starts the 2nd of January, but there are still shops open on January 1st. I myself ventured into the mass crowds of people on the 1st in Ueno to search for some fukubukuro. Each fukubukuro differs with each store. You can find them for makeup, clothing, cleaning supplies, food, jewelry and much more. Fukubukuro (福袋) - Fuku (福) means fortune/good luck and bukuro (袋) comes from fukuro which means bag, so it means a bag of good luck and fortune. People will line up at major stores for hours to get a chance of getting a fukubukuro. The prices range anywhere from 100yen to 10,000yen, around ($1USD to $100USD) Of course there are others that can be more costly, in fact back in 2006 one of the most expensive fukubukuro sold for 200.6 million yen (1.7 million USD) from a Ginza jewelry store. Unbelievable isn't it? Myself, I enjoy the cheaper jewelry bags, I'm always excited to see what I get inside. My friends and I usually get a great laugh out of some of the items. These bags that usually carry no good items are called 'fukuobukuro' (misfortune bags) or 'utsuobukuro' (depressing bags). Of course after all the shopping my friends and I enjoy a moment of relaxation from the chaos shopping and sit down at a cafe or restaurant and open all our bags, laughing in hilarity at some items, and finally to end the day, we take purikura with all our bought items on. 

Some of my fukubukuro! I got some bedroom items, mini blanket, socks, PJ's...And a couple purses.

My clothing fukubukuro!  A jacket and 4 shirts.

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