Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Starbucks Valentines 2012 Japan Version

Valentines at Starbucks in Japan...&CoffeeValentine

The time is coming soon...Valentines. Yet another holiday retail consumer shopping day, but whom am I to disagree...I enjoy all those holidays as much as the next person. Of course, Starbucks is offering their limited only, 2012 Valentines special goods located across all of Japan Starbucks. I couldn't help myself and purchased the white and pink heart mug to add to my collection; and my collection at the moment is ็„กใ—, meaning I have no mugs since I currently relocated back to Japan a month ago; and am very tempted to purchase a new tumbler...that purple one is looking mighty sparkling, and I do LOVE sparkly items. And what better place to be in than Japan, for they rule in the land of sparkles. If you're in need of a new cup, and you're in Japan, make sure you stop by Starbucks and pick up a new mug for yourself! What a great way to enjoy your daily coffee, in a cup made for love.

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