Thursday, March 8, 2012

eBay Fetish

I will admit it. I'm a eBay junkie. My latest finds are these dresses. Love the price, the style and how quick the seller ships them. What do you think? I bought them for my summer vacation time.


  1. The green piece is the prettiest dress ever!!! It looks kind of...shiny. Can this be worn as a casual, everyday piece?

    1. I think you can wear it as an everyday type of dress if you added a sweater top with it. Or could even wear a merchant type of shirt over it and it would work well :D I'll have to see how many different ways I can wear it! ^_^

    2. Hope you post photos when the weather warms up...I love layers!

    3. Will do! :D can't wait to wear it! Need more sunny days