Thursday, March 1, 2012

iPhone 4S

The other week I bought, well signed a contract with AU (KDDI) company. It's for 2 years, basically I'll pay around 6500en ($73USD) and above depending on how many phone calls I make. If I make very little calls, and just use text messaging or applications then I can have all you can text, internet houdai (all you can use) for the price above. Unlimited internet... Of course in Canada we don't have unlimited cellular internet yet but in Japan they do so you don't have to worry about over downloading etc... I was going to go with Softbank, since I had been with them for 4 years before, but they have lately changed their contract details to that you need to have a visa to be in Japan for the 2 years of your contract to sign. Mine is only a 1 year, and when the year is up I will have to renew it, I wasn't allowed to do the 2 years contract, of course I could pay the full price for the phone, around $600USD, possible more for which one I chose. But when I went to AU, it was no problem. I showed them my foreigner card, gave all my information, and it was fine. It did of course take over a good hour to give my information, and write everything down. As well as for the staff to tell me all the rules etc... but by the end I walked out with my brand new, shiny iPhone! If you have any questions on Japanese cellphones, please let me know!

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