Saturday, April 14, 2012

Off to Bali We Go!

Off to Bali, Indonesia we go! My friend and I are off on another adventure! This time our flight was at 7am, so that means to get there at our 2/3 hours before we either have to get up super early to catch the train to barely make it, or get a drive. And drive it was. Up at 4am, out the door by 5am. Because it's the early morning in Tokyo, only large trucks are on the roads, and we make it to Narita Airport in record time. Also just to let you know....there is nothing open before 7am in Narita Airport expect for a conbini and a noodle shop on the 5th floor. Breakfast was onigiri and noodles, before be checked in our luggage. 

Out first flight was to Jakarta, Indonesia, one of the major islands. Since it was the off season, our plane was empty, and we could enjoy our own seats. Now let me tell you about Jakarta airport...there are two airports, within a 5 min drive apart. One is International, the other domestic. So if you are flying in international and flying out international, you'll be fine.  But if you are flying within Indonesia, be prepared to buy your visa into the country ($25USD - only accept America dollars for a 30 day visa), go through customs, get your luggage, head outside, grab a taxi (there are tons everywhere, bewarned, they will try to scam you and charge your ridiculousness prices! Since our shuttle was included in our flight/hotel, we didn't have to pay, but do a little research before going and see how much it costs for your taxi. I would say you could get away at around 30,000/40,000 Rupiah) walk this long stretch to check-in, pay 40,000 Rupiah to enter the shopping/food area going through security) and go through more security to your gate area. It's a bit troublesome. Once your flight is called you go through this hallway, down some stairs, catch a bus which takes you all the way back to the international flight area to board your plane. By this we were exhausted, and sweating from the 31 degrees heat. 

We were lucky to have our first flight empty...but not our next. It was packed to the rim! Of course in front we had a child, and in back we had two screaming kids, kicking our seats the whole flight. The first 30 mins I tried to put up with it, but I didn't pay a lot of money to have kids kicking my seat. So I told them to stop...and the mother did nothing! That was the frustrating part. I would understand more if the mom actually tried to control her wild kids. 

Well an hour and half over we arrive! In Denpasar, Bali. We meet our guide/shuttle driver, grab our luggage, and away we go! A 30 min drive and we arrive at Amaris Hotel. A 5 min walk to the beach, and located right in the shopping area. Our first stop was to the convenience store to buy anything that may look delicious! Drinks and ice cream bought we spent the rest of the evening resting by the hotel pool before heading to bed. 


Beautiful weather! 31 degrees!
At Jakarta Airport
Our first taste of Mi Goreng. Fried noodles. This one was soooo spicy!

At Jakarta Domestic Airport

Those kids on the right kept kicking out seats and yelling...the mother did nothing :/

Amaris hotel

First stop! Convenience store!

Good night!

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