Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ocean Playground - Bali Part 3

With our plane ticket, we bought it through a site called Sky gate. Together the deal included our flight and hotel, as well as transportation from the airport to our hotel. Our shuttle offered their services to take us around for the day and we took it. We woke up at 8am and got ready to meet our tour guide at 9am. Our first stop was at Sanur, Bali. Famous for it's beautiful beaches and resorts. We decided on parasailing, banana boat and scuba diving. First up was parasailing, and boy are they fast at getting you up. They have it all down pack. Put our gear on, run over, get clipped in and start running and you're off. What a beautiful sight. I wish I could have taken my camera with me to take pictures of the view. After we got to go on a ride on a banana boat, and we had the choice to fall off in the middle, and did we fall! The guy was crazy! Finding all the big waves to hit and tipped us over once we were out in the ocean!

Check out below for some pictures! Next part will be about scuba diving in the Bali sea.

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  1. wow, just by looking at your photos, i think it's sure so fun.. i would like to try it someday.. :)