Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scuba diving in the Bali Sea - Bali Part 4

Our last event at Sansur beach was scuba diving. After our banana boat right we ran off to the scuba diving area and changed into our wet suits, and we were off to our boat ride. After all the bouncing and jumping and falling I had today, our boat ride out got me a bit queasy, but after we jumped in I was fine. During our boat ride over the scuba instructor was hitting on my friend as I was getting the basic instructions on how to scuba dive. My friend had scuba dived many times she already knew all the basics. 

We finally jumped in, and the instructor pushed the button that would help me sink...I was wearing 12 lbs of weights around my waist. It was a bit hard to keep myself from panicking when we were slowly sinking down, down into the dark water. But I concentrated on my breathing. We got deeper and I could feel the water getting colder, and getting darker. My ears started to hurt, I have very sensitive ears which is why to this day I have never scuba dived. As a child I had a lot of problems with my ears. At one point I was tempted to tell them to go up. But I gave it my best. Since Bali has had a lot of squalls lately we couldn't see anything, so we resurfaced and grabbed the boat and they pulled us to another spot where this time we could see which was beautiful! I got to see Nemo! We'll it was very similar. There was Nemo and his dad with lots of different fish. You can see in the pictures below. 

After our dive we enjoyed lunch by the beach before off we went for more adventure....


  1. Fantastic pictures! Lindsay, I had the same issues. My ears were quite sensitive the first time I took scuba diving lessons. It took some time before they were able to adapt and get used to underwater. I took more dives after I got my license and eureka, the problem was gone!:)I hope your ears won't discourage you from getting your scuba diving license in the future! Diving is really fun!;)