Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baskin Robbins New Summer 2012 Flavors

Today a friend and I went to 31 (Baskin Robbins) and challenged the triple. Which is basically three scoops for the price of two! Wohoo. Free scoops I do enjoy. I noticed they have all their new flavors for June and July out already. Here are a few new ones...

Orange Cheesecake

Cheese cake and ice cream, with a fruity orange fiasco flavor in an orange ice cream, with a ribbon of week orange flavor. (That's a lot of orange)



Chocolate Mint Chum
Hit Flavor "Chocolate Mint" we put chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chips to create a big mint flavor!



Chocolate Oreo
Chocolate Mouse Ice Cream mixed in with crunchy Oreo ribbon of cookies. Oreo X Chocolate Harmony!

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