Monday, June 4, 2012

Prize time: How to stay "cool"?

Summer is around the corner, well it has already started in Japan. I want to know how you keep cool in the hot weather. Here in Japan they have lots of various ways to keep cool. Here is one way. Cool patches. You can see in this picture of "Garigari kun" brand of cool patch that says can stay cool up for 10 hours with a smell of soda. Can be used at night on your forehead. Or on you arms or legs during the day.

Write in your reply and have a chance to win your own "Garigari kun" cool patch! Let all your friends know! Contest ends this Saturday (9th) midnight Japan time! Get your answers in now! :D

Also to remember to leave an email so I can contact the winner :)


  1. I wait until nighttime to cool down. I love summer because I can leave the windows open at night and enjoy a good night's rest with the night air.

  2. Ohmygawddd I don't even know about this genius invention, I mean of course in this crazy humid all day everyday weather in my city, I need one wooohooooo!!! :D

  3. When Elizabeth and I were in Kamakura it was super hot, so we stopped by a small shop that sold shaved ice. It was my first time having condensed milk on shaved ice, and it was AMAZING! I miss it so much!

    So, my answer to stay cool is: eating lots of cold treats, like freezees, ice cream, fudgecicles, frappucchino/ice cap ...etc ^^ and of course planting yourself in front of the AC on those really hard to handle hot days. (But as a rule, I generally love hot summer days) :)

    1. Thank you for your comment! You win! If you can email me your address at :D

  4. On the hottest summer days I stay cool by floating in the ocean at the cottage with an icy cold Rockaberry cooler!!