Monday, July 9, 2012

Japanese Groupon

Another battle won! After a long morning spent trying to figure out how to pay for a groupon coupon on the Japanese site. I wanted to purchase a two hour gel nail lesson with a gel kit of 24 items included for 5000yen. So I searched and tried my credit for it. But since my Japanese name and address don't match my English account it was out. So I tried to apply for my cell phone account. I don't know my password. So next I set up an account with took me a while. Had to fill it all out. Then how to add money to the site. So I used 711 combini and added money there. So then you need to enter a hiragana code in groupon to use the credited money. And I got it!

So my achievement of the week. My brain is now broken. Tomorrow I will go to the lesson...all in Japanese.

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