Friday, August 3, 2012

Frangipani Spa in Jimbaran - Bali Part 14

Day 6! Another delicious breakfast by the pool before heading off to our spa day! 8 hours of spa in Jimbaran at Frangipani Spa, it's very famous to Japanese people I had heard from my friend, she actually chose it, and at 830 our shuttle picked us up at our hotel, and off we go. First we were greeted with with fresh tea, and a list of choices to choose our type of aromatherapy. We had a room shared at first for our hour half massage, and they gave us our own robe and paper underwear...PAPER underwear...a very first for me, Yuka and I couldn't stop giggling for the first 10 minutes. Off to our spa bath which was prepared with flower petals, so beautiful, I felt like a princess. Then next on the list was a facial, and they used this awesome vacuum on my nose, no more blackheads! Next was head spa, they washed my hair, massaged my head, deep seaweed pack in my hair, hand and foot massage and sadly it was finished. Best 8 hours of my life and so relaxing. 

This weird fruit...I did not like it XD

At Frangipani Spa

Frangipani is the name of the popular Balinese flower. 

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