Monday, November 12, 2012

Nail school: care and paint time

Well 4 classes are now done! We now have covered dry and wet nail care, filing and polish on and off.

I think it's going pretty good. I got the hang of polish. Though can't wait till we get to gel. Very excited. Think I'm going to stop by the nail shop this week to stock up on some things. :)

In class Yuka and I did our polish very quickly, we are pretty similar in ways. More like "looks good?" " yeah looks good. Let's move on" haha. Many of the other students kept asking the teaching for help, and don't know but she probably thought we should ask for more help.

I think if you're teaching, and being a teacher for the part 7 years, a student shouldn't ask for the teachers opinion all the time and the teacher should move around the class group by group and check on all the students. But she didn't do that so much so we just said whatever, looks good to us, and continued on.

One thing about the class they are always pushing the students to buy their things. I can understand why, the class is so cheap they need to make sales somewhere. But they are very pushy. I can't count how many times I was asked in many ways if I wanted to buy their polish. I just say I'll think about. I'm buying many things on eBay which is around 50% cheaper. Of course for gel items I'll buy at the shop because if you buy the cheap gel, it's not very good on your nails and will cause more damage.

So anyway, I now can file nails to 5 different shapes. Square, square off, round, oval and point. As well tell you every part of the nail. Apply base, polish and top coat. Clip those annoying cuticles and give nail care. Woohoo! Can't wait to see what I can learn next, it's all so exciting.