Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nail school finesse

Good morning. Enjoying my caramel white mocha before my private lesson then off to work.

Last night was part 2 of 48 of nail school. We spent the first hour half talking about how to walk, talk, what to wear. All typically Japanese. Some would be similar to what we experience in Canada but to the next level.

Actually went over hope to pick something up when you drop something, eg like a book. Now in my head all I could think of my the bend and snap from Legally Blonde. I was giggling a bit to myself. Anyway it was if you drop something, don't bend down in front of it, but walk to the side of it, crouch down and pick it up.

How to stand and greet people was covered too.

A couple times I was asked to read a few English words from the book for everyone to hear the real pronunciation, which I can understand but the way the girls reacted is annoying and silly. Going on..."umai" aka amazing. Or "sugoi" aka great or another way of saying amazing or like that. Uh..... I am going to say it like that, my first language is English, they all know it by looking at me, it's nothing amazing, they probably think I'll feel good hearing that, but it irritates me a bit. Imagine telling someone in Canada when they speak a word in their language how awesome they speak their home language. But only say one word. Sure it sounds cool but I don't think we go out and over emphasize the "amazing" part of it. Well it could just be me. I guess it's better than them going on how "your Japanese is so good " when you only say one word. Had that happen many times in combini's where I say thank you and get the "nihongo umai" type of thing. Haha.

Finally got to the action part. How to file nails. We covered square, square off, round, oval and point and practiced on each other. It's difficult to get the right rhythm filing but guess that comes with practice. XD any practice friends out there in Tokyo? ;)


  1. Hahahaha I can totally imagine the face of the person here in Canada if I said wow you speak your native language great! I bet I would get slap for an unpolitically correct statement. lol

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