Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new years! 2013 The Year of the Snake

Well hello! It's been way too long since I last posted. Silly me. Enjoying my nice holiday with lots of sleep and good friends. This year I believe I'm keeping my new years list short and simple.

1: The typical lose weight. It's the same old resolution that when every new year starts. It's always the same. Lose 20lbs. But I have a feeling. This year is different. I can do it. So far in 10 years I lost 30lbs I can get the rest off....

2: Travel to a new country. Last year was the best yet. Four new countries, I went to Italy, France, Vietnam and Indonesia. This year I only want to try for one new one. Two would be nice. ;)

3: Learn something new. I guess I can use going to nail school for last year and this year. Just need to get through the rest of school.

4: Pay off credit card and get most of my student loan paid off. So that means watching my money and stop buying clothes :/ this will be a hard one.

5: Learn more Japanese. (grammar and kanji) maybe take the JPLT?

Pretty easy. Thinking two countries but who knows with money. I want to get to china or Taiwan. And a big trip to Australia. Thinking next winter. I think I could handle a hot christmas. ;)

If not Australia then maybe the rest of Europe. I would love to go to Austria and Germany and England.

But I need to get on my diet. By summer time I want to be able to wear a bikini. Whoop. Imagine that. Well I can wear one. But I want to look good in it. XD

What is everyone's resolutions this year?

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