Monday, May 13, 2013

Phi Phi Island - Phuket, Thailand Part 3

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Our third day in Phuket started off with a very early breakfast. Then we were picked up by our cruise driver and took us to Phuket boat dock. We were off to Phi Phi Island. Our boat was a speed boat and it took about an hour to get to Phi Phi Island.

We arrived at the dock and there were tons of people. There are tons and tons of tours going in and out to Phi Phi Island, it's the tour to go on when you are traveling around Phuket. When you are buying your tours, make sure you research the prices for the tours, because you are likely to get a really cheap price. Either go early morning or late night and you could get a good discount. Don't buy your tour online, because I'm sure you can get a better price in Phuket.

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My breakfast. Lots of fruit!

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Here is the typical size of the tour boats. They have larger boats, but they take more time to get there, and you see less.

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We got a seat up front, it was windy and hot. We both got burnt. Don't forget your suntan screen. Also if you plan to take a lot of items with you, you can usually leave them on the boat. Don't take so much money, our tour included a buffet lunch, so bring a little money for some souvenir shopping at Phi Phi Main Island. 
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We arrive at Phi Phi Island.

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It is so beautiful!

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Of course we need to get some photos in!

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Now we get to go snorkeling!

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After snorkeling  we headed off to Monkey beach. Yes, a monkeys. The boats can go close to the beach and you can see them all waiting for the food people throw to them. Some would fall from the branches and into the water trying to get the food. Some jumped onto the boats to get the food and back to the island.

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We arrived at the main Island and had lunch and took lots of photos. 

 photo IMG_2689.jpg  photo IMG_2695.jpg 

 photo IMG_2699.jpg

Another stop was Koh Khai Island! We rented some seats and relaxed for a while, and got free cola and slices of pineapple and watermelon, all included in our tour. Then we went swimming in the amazing water!

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  3. They have larger boats, but they take more time to get there, and you see less.

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