Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Phuket, Thailand Part 1

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Phuket, Thailand here we come! Last month my best friend and I went on a week trip to Phuket in Thailand, and this is our adventure!

It was an amazing time, and I really didn`t want to leave Thailand after only being there a week, I could have spent months there. I would recommend Phuket to anyone who is interested in Thailand. I didn`t manage to get to Banquok, but there are a lot of cheap flights from Tokyo, so it`s on my list.

We had a later flight so we didn`t have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, but traveling in Tokyo always takes a lot of time, and you have to leave early just in case of accidents on the trains. Our flight was from Narita Airport in Chiba, from my place it takes about an hour and a half.

Since our flight was quiet cheap, we had a 2 hour stop over in Seoul, of course the service in the airport wasn't the greatest, and slow...ssllllooowwwww. We waited in one spot for over an hour, and we only had an hour left, and we wanted to look at the duty free items. Turns out there was another transfer gate a bit of a walk down the hall, and we were soon through and looking at all the duty free goods. We both bought some perfume. I got the new Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. 

I love it! 

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We had plenty of time to catch our flight to Phuket, it was a 6 hour flight from Seoul, and we arrived at 11pm, and it was hot humid outside the airport as we waited for our ride to our hotel. We stayed at the http://www.baumanburi.com/ hotel, it was all included in our ticket, our flight, hotel and transportation to and from the airport to our hotel. We were only located 5 min walk from the beach, and only down the street from all the shops and club areas. Our hotel was located in the Patong beach area, and if you are a club person or like shopping, this is the place to be. 

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The plastic bottles of water cost money, but you get two bottles of water in these glass bottles for free at the hotel. 
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We had a buffet breakfast every morning. Most mornings I would pig out on fruits and yogurt. 

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We stopped at the  store and saw these pink eggs. I thought it was interesting, first time I've ever seen pink eggs not on Easter.

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And where do we go our first morning in Phuket....

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The Beach! Patong beach is one of the hit spots to go. Along the beach there are tons of shops and beach huts.

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Locals selling souvenirs.

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Just us girls relaxing! The chairs all cost money, but you pay once for the whole day. We didn't have any problems with anyone trying to steal our items, but I would recommend leaving any expensive items at the hotel. All hotels will usually have a safe box in your room to use. If you take anything with you, keep a good eye on it. 

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And if you're hungry or thirsty they bring everything by you all day long...it does get tiring having the same person come by every 10-15 mins. But you can even get souvenirs or sun tan lotion.

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We are way too excited!
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Girls just want to have fun in Phuket! More to come....

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