Sunday, December 8, 2013

Friends visiting Tokyo

Finally! I real post! What has been new with me? Well I had some friends come and visit Tokyo. They were on their way to Thailand and stopped to and from in Tokyo for a few days. On their last day we went to Asakusa Temple. Its a very famous place here in Tokyo. Here on the left is Katie, we have known each other since grade 3. Graduated together and our moms now work together and they are close friends. I am in the middle and right is Steph. It was wonderful to have friends come visit in my home away from home. I got to see Tokyo again through fresh eyes.

Thank you girls!

 photo IMG_7930.jpg

 photo IMG_7946.jpg

 photo IMG_7962.jpg

 photo IMG_7969.jpg Here you can see sky tree, asahi beer building in the background.

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